Ultimate Automated Marketing System

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The Best Start-Up Marketing Product In The Industry

An Incredible Lead Magnet (ChatBot) That Brings Endless Value

Ultimate LinkedIn Direct Lead Generation Magic

Super Unique Mass Social Media Marketing To Your Funnel

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The following marketing service as a product consists of 3 separate phase:

Phase 1 – Lead Magnet – Custom Automated Facebook Messenger OR Telegram Chatbot

Phase 2 – Direct Outreach – Highly Targeted LinkedIn Investor Lead Generation Magic

Phase 3 – Social Content Marketing System – Tag, Retarget, & Convert

Once payment is received it will take approximately ONE week to build out the sales funnel and begin driving highly targeted investors into it. 


$6,000 – Payable by BTC, ETH, LTC, or BCH or Fiat (PayPal or Wire Transfer)  + $1,000 in Tokens

Covers FIRST 28 days of service and all setup shown below


  • Setup & maintenance of custom chatbot mini-course, which you own
  • Setup & implementation of LinkedIn outreach campaigns, messaging, and search strategies (2500 connections per month/100 per day)
  • Setup &  implementation of Facebook & Twitter content (2 posts per day for 28 days) designed to bring investors into your funnel
  • Setup of AdRoll retargeting funnel, pixel, copy, design, etc. with banner ads to drive investors into your funnel

Cancel at any time – each additional month: 

  • $3,000 – Payable by Fiat (PayPal or Wire Transfer), BTC, ETH, LTC, or BCH + $500 in Tokens FOR Each Additional 28 Days

If you stay on our monthly plan we will create a new sales funnel designed to drive revenue for your blockchain startup after your ICO and the setup fee will be waived.

Phase 1:

It’s no secret that email marketing is dying. It’s also no secret that this is a very expensive and time consuming way to build REAL valuable relationships with your leads.

Problems include but are not limited to:

  • Low open rates
  • Low conversion rates
  • Low click thru rates
  • Poor Communication
  • Labor Intensive

Emails are constantly being overlooked. It’s extremely difficult to qualify your leads in order to separate the high-intent from the low-intent buyers. And it takes a ton of resources just to keep up with all of the operational aspects that need to take place.

Enter a FAR FAR better alternative. The WOWlutions chatbot lead magnet that funnels leads in, nurtures them, and converts them!


  • 5 Day Sequence Setup
  • Welcome Message
  • Greeting Message
  • Menu Configuration
  • Growth Tool Setup

Why a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Using a Facebook Messenger chatbot is the best way to provide potential customers the right information to confidently buy your product or service. A chatbot allows you to segment your audience so you know which people are potential customers. Instead of spending time & resources trying to build relationships with people who have no interest in your company… spend your time working with leads that get warmer every day. A chatbot is the best way to:

  1. Segment your leads that express interest in your product or service
  2. Show them your vision & why they should go with you over your competitors
  3. Have more conversations with the people that see & understand your vision
  4. Maintain consistent communication with the people that matter most

Why Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is the #1 messaging app in the world with over 1.3 billion users. People spend more time in messaging apps now compared to traditional email and social media.

This chatbot will act as your LEAD MAGNET. Imagine a FREE mini-course that is filled with free educational materials such as downloads, videos, how-to guides, and links galore!

The idea is to drive highly targeted leads into the bot. Deliver a TON of value, nurture that lead, build a relationship with them, learn about them, and then slowly sell them on your product or service.

Delivery rates, open rates, etc. are MUCH higher than email marketing. You will build up a valuable network that you can start a conversation or send a broadcast message to at any time.

And don’t forget we can repurpose your lead magnet and continue to grow your chatbot audience in all kinds of different ways.

Phase 2:

We’re seeing many start-ups successfully grow their revenues right out the gate.

But how exactly do you achieve that?

Chances are you’re already facing this predicament.

Spending 60+ hours per week testing different marketing tactics in order to grow your business.

Trying to fill your calendar or funnel with those important customers that WANT your product or service.

Well, now there’s a solution to help.

You can now spend LESS time CONVERTING leads and less time trying to figure out what works

Provide our team of lead generation experts with access to your LinkedIn profile and we will do the following over a 28 day period:
  • 100+ new connection requests sent daily (3000 per month) to your target industry, audience, employee, job title etc.
  • Customized message – initial message sent to all requests
  • 1 follow up/thank you message sent after 48-hours to everyone
Everything is done in-house and manually to not violate any terms of service etc. PLUS we include weekly reporting of our efforts which includes contact info you can plug it into your CRM.
We’re not like those other outreach campaigns that come across like a total cold sales pitch BECAUSE we are actually presenting them with something of REAL value.
We’re reaching out to potential clients, customers, partners, influencers, and more with something of value by educating, nurturing, and building a truly long-lasting relationship with these leads automatically using our chatbot approach.

Phase 3:

The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Funnel

How does the process work?

1. We constantly monitor the web for viral content relevant to your target audience

2. We take that content and brand the link structure to match your domain i.e. news.brand.com/awesome-content/

3. The content is embedded with retargeting pixels so anyone that clicks through to the content is retargeted via AdRoll

4. We also add a great animated banner ad as a call to action button that pops up on the page of the content to increase conversions

5. The content is posted on your Facebook page and Twitter profile to increase brand awareness and build up your community

6. All of these hyper-targeted leads we reach are added to your retargeting funnel

7. We set up and run your free AdRoll retargeting account to drive these investors into your funnel across all channels

8. Our team is constantly monitoring and adjusting your campaign (targeting, copy, design, etc.) to improve your objectives

BONUS #1 – We will also send out an email blast to our internal network of thousands of blockchain investors to drum up opportunities for your business

BONUS #2 – We will help you setup banner ads on the best networks. Consult you on YouTube advertising strategies, content marketing strategies, Telegram growth hacks, and much more. 


This service is completely hands off for you and your team. But of course we welcome you to get involved and collaborate towards your success!

Our custom automated sales funnel is designed to attract a TON of HIGH-QUALITY leads to your start-up.

We DRIVE them into your funnel.

We build a relationship with them by providing them a TON of value.

Your database of leads is constantly growing and can also be used to grow your business LONG DOWN THE ROAD.

You can cancel this service anytime by not renewing it for another month and you will still own your database of leads, LinkedIn connections, chatbot, custom audiences, retargeting account, etc.

This system has driven MILLIONS in revenue dollars for our client partners.

Get started today or CLICK HERE to access a chat with our CEO.


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