$2,499.00 $1,999.00 / month

  • Reach Up To 2500 Highly Targeted Influencers Per Week
  • Add To Your Email Marketing List
  • Promote Your Promotion To Thousands Or Even Millions
  • This Is Hyper Growth Marketing At Its Finest


Are you ready for a RAPID boost in exposure for your restaurant, bar, or venue? We’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is with this amazing marketing strategy brought to you by WOWlution’s.

Here’s how it works …

First, please note for the best results this service must be tied to an existing contest, promotion, event, or special, something newsworthy and buzzworthy.  If you do not have some sorta promotion or what to create a social contest for the best results then please check out our Social Contest+ Campaign.

WOWlutions will do manual prospecting and outreach over a 7 day period and convince LOCAL influencers to promote your business to their following. Whether they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or have a large blog following. Depending on how buzzworthy the promotion is, we may even reach out to media outlets such as magazines, radio stations, and news producers.

WOWlution’s has a large contact list and database of influencers and media outlets all across the country, most of which can be isolated down to specific areas to attract the most relevant audience for your business. And like we said … we’ll even put our money where our mouth is. So if for some reason your promotion isn’t being shared as strong as we feel it should, then we will use up to 50% of the fee for this service and use paid promotional tactics.


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